There’s really isn’t a “complete book of parenting” or “everything you need to know website” out there.  Instead parents must chart a course of learning and practice as they encounter individual questions and challenges. Parenting Courses These classes typically draw from a parenting text as a foundation for weekly reading, discussion and home practice. Some recent texts are: Whole Brain Child (Siegel/Bryson), Easy To Love / Difficult To Discipline (Bailey), The Mindful Child (Kaiser Greenland), Parenting From the Inside Out (Siegel/Hartzell), How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk (Faber/Mazlish), Siblings Without Rivalry (Faber/Mazlish). 
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Classes for Parents

Monthly Groups for Parents of Toddlers, Preschoolers or School Age Children Parents can participate in monthly meetings on topics relevant to each age group. Individual Workshops These single evenings focus on a specific topic, ex. Why “No” Isn’t Enough, On the Road To Toilet Learning, Letting Go of Reactive Patterns, Parenting With A Partner, Parenting Two, If Discipline is Teaching Mindfulness Practice for Parents Offers opportunity to explore mindful awareness practices and parenting Individual Consultation One hour appointments provide a one-on-one opportunity to explore common concerns: sleeping or feeding challenges, improving parent / child communication and relationship, difficult behaviors and discipline, helping children manage difficult emotions and exploring the need for additional parenting resources.