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In the early years of parenting, mothers and fathers witness rapid change in their children. First they’re babies, then toddlers and then they seem to zoom on to preschool and kindergarten. Parents’ skills and capacities must develop along with the needs and challenges of each stage of their  child’s development.  Certain qualities in parents will be invaluable all along the  way:  the ability to pay attention and be present with a child in both the easy and hard moments being a lifelong learner, both curious and open minded flexibility in responses, able to let go of reactive patterns the ability to reflect on one’s own experience and on  the experience of one’s child  the capacity for playful and joyful living Through education and support parents can deepen these  qualities and additionally learn about: the value of secure parent / child relationships and  how they develop developmental stages and the needs, tasks and behaviors for each how to parent with the unique temperament of the  child in mind  valuing the opportunity that “misbehavior” and conflict provide for children’s learning respectful communication in relationships and family  life 
Learning in groups enables parents to discuss common experiences, build shared knowledge, become aware of the variations in children and gain confidence to form one’s own philosophy while being open to others.